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Seal Beach, CA – Wednesday, June 8th. The Beach House, host of this year’s Band on the Sand Annual Community Event, announced today that it would cancel the highly anticipated event originally scheduled for July 3, 2022.

Date : June 9, 2022

Band on the Sand Annual Community Event
This decision was not arrived lightly. In conversations with local authorities and our City representative, there were concerns expressed regarding recent national events. “In a precautionary effort and after much heart-breaking consideration and deliberation, the only responsible option for our attendees, and many dedicated volunteers was to cancel the event”, said Rosie Ritchie, event founder and partner of The Beach House.

The Beach House will serve drinks, music and food on the sand in Seal Beach

Date : May 5, 2022

The long wait is almost over. River’s End Café, on the sand near the jetty in Seal Beach, closed on Feb. 20, 2018 after 20 years in business. But in 18 weeks, The Beach House, a new $1.5 million restaurant, with a full bar and live music, will open.

A look inside the restaurant set to open at the tail end of the Seal Beach jetty

Date : Feb.21, 2020

If you’re perched on Ballast Point’s upper patio, you can look south, across the San Gabriel River where it meets the Pacific Ocean, and notice the County of Orange across the way. Like our own, their jetty juts out into the ocean and, like our own, houses a space used as a restaurant.

Well, kind of a restaurant. More like an upgraded concessions stand—one that has stood there since 1976. And despite the love it received from the community and beyond—fisherman using the the river bike trail would often make it a pitstop as would avid bicyclists and runners from both Orange and Los Angeles Counties—it soon became derelict after the space’s lone renovation in the 1990s.

Letters to the Editor: Thursday

Date : March 15, 2018

It’s a brisk and windy morning as the walkers head down Ocean running into 1st Street. Something is missing as you turn left onto the beach lot, just can’t pin point it. It’s a bit quieter than normal as you walk down towards the parking lot through the grass. You don’t see the typical herd of cyclers, surfers or tourists who stop to enjoy the ocean air taking in the smell of sea.

Seal Beach Band on the Sand 2018 An evening to remember

Date : July 13, 2018

Each year on this day as the sun rises I look forward to coming to the beach and walking the day after Band on the Sand. I go to McDonald’s for my large coffee and come park at the beach lot and slowly walk remembering where every group, each booth, the bands, the Kid zone and the food trucks rested the day before.


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